Your Soul’s Partner : Seven Steps to Attract Love and a Relationship of Bliss

Your soul left the Universe Soul to experience life on Earth. Your soul came to Earth this time to fulfill a purpose and learn lessons so that you can continue to evolve spiritually. Your soul’s partner is the person to help you on this journey.

Your Soul’s Partner is a book on healing and awakening practices to help you attract a partner for this life, sustain a relationship with him or her, and evolve spirituality. This work first outlines the seven aspects of the self and how they are connected to the seven chakras, the role of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual communities in shaping who we are, and how early experiences with love shape how we love and continue to evolve. It explains how such experiences cause energetic wounds that leak or block vital force and limits our abilities to love openly and freely and evolve spiritually. It then outlines energy modalities that can be used for healing; sounds, colors, scents, etc., and includes attunements to boost healing and awakening. This book also provides practical guidelines for dating and choosing a partner, communication and conflict resolution, and using Tantra and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) energy practices for sexual health and bliss. In addition, it includes seven steps to healing and awakening and guidelines for couples, including those who are married, to utilize the Tree of Life as a tool to climb the stairway to heaven and has exercises at the end of each chapter to facilitate healing, awakening and spiritual evolvement.

Ultimately, Your Soul’s Partner is a self-help guide that combines ancient spiritual tools with energy healing practices to help you attract your soul’s partner for this life, and if you are already in a relationship or married, to help you continue your journey’s toward spiritual evolvement, enjoy a relationship of bliss, and find heaven on Earth.

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