Xy Theory

Statistics show that you have less than a 25 percent chance of choosing a partner who can truly make you happy. Whether you are single or married, studies show that the problem is personality difference! We each have an X or Y type personality, and when mismatched in an XY relationship, problems are inevitable. You’ve probably been in a mismatched XY relationship if: – You’ve ever complained that your partner isn’t affectionate enough. – You’re having commitment issues in your relationship. – You have difficulty meeting Mr. Right or holding onto Ms. Right. – Your partner won’t communicate with you or hold a simple conversation. – After months or years with your partner, you still feel like strangers. – You’re raising the kids or taking care of the home without help. Dr. Jacob’s revolutionary new test-the XY Personality TestTM-can predict a mismatch before your first date, so you never need to make the wrong choice again. Learn why your personality might be more important than your performance on the job. I can assure you that XY theory will transform how you date, if you are single, or how you relate to your mate, if you’re not. Are you ready for a revolutionary change?

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