Witness His Grace : God’s Grace and Man’s Failure of Grace

Witness His Grace : God's Grace and Man's Failure of Grace

Every Christian’s Calling: Witness the Grace of God So many relationships today-both within the church and within homes-are faltering due to the failure of covenant love. Covenant love is a forgiving love; an enduring love. It is the key to vitality and the foundation of strong, healthy relationships-and the key to joyful worship is living in right relationship with God and with others. Witness His Grace is a gentle guide to help you develop a strong fellowship with other believers through the realness of grace expressed within your relationships. God’s grace is expressed in our forgiveness through Christ, and we express grace when we forgive others of their transgressions against us. Relationships falter whenever realness of love and grace are absent. Without fulfilling God’s command to witness His grace and demonstrate His love, both churches and relationships fail. The Rev. J. Glenn Linthicum draws from 42 years of experience in pastoral roles and shares stories that clearly illustrate the impact of expressing genuine grace-and how this draws others to Christ. He also explores the failure of grace and the fruits of an unforgiving heart. Witness His Grace includes recommendations to both new pastors and those considering a new pastorate, and readers will find suggestions for their own churches to help maintain strong and healthy covenant relationships.

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