The Right Angle (Paperback)

A young Christian couple dedicates themselves to remain celibate until they are married. Stephan and Alexis walk readers through a difficult transition in their lives with a glimpse into the first 50 days of their Celibacy Journal. This journal is filled with the couple’s struggles and triumphs, favorite scriptures, advice, and encouraging words suitable for anyone aspiring to follow God’s will, regardless of age or relationship status. The journals are written from a male, female, and sometimes a joint perspective, chronicling each day as the calendar turns on yet another personal victory God has allowed the couple to complete. Various topics are covered throughout the book, including but not limited to: Vision, Focus and Discipline, External Stimuli, and Prayer. The Journals are easy reads to fulfill the couple’s God-given purpose to encourage others and ultimately win souls!

The Right Angle (Paperback) | ebooksilo | 4.5