The Power of Personality Types in Love and Relationships : Build a Great Relationship with the Right…

People often make the mistake of thinking opposites attract. Opposites never attract, that would be like a criminal hooking up with a nun. However, opposing personality types often attract; this is when one partner says “black” the other says “white.” This book shows what is required to keep these opposing forces also complementary. The Chinese philosophy of the Yin Yang states that two opposing yet complementary forces lie at the base of how all things work. This philosophy shows how people can flow in natural harmony and what is required during conflict. We have all delightfully experienced a waiter who obviously takes joy in serving his clients or a boss who naturally leads while caring for his employees, versus those not equipped for the responsibility they work in. Character dynamics exist similar to these in relationships and understanding them provides insight as to why certain couples naturally get along while others operate with a lack of intimacy and connection. By answering a questionnaire, you can identify your type and the formula for how to identify your logical match. Learn how to know a partner who is complementary to your character and how to remain connected without conflict to people who are not. Understanding these types enables you to discover what went wrong in past relationships, a way to find harmony in current strained relationships, and a formula for finding more compatible partners moving forward. Jalaluddin Rumi said, “Not to seek for love, but to seek all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” A basic understanding of these types allows you to overcome self-imposed barriers preventing the flow of abundance in your life and relationships. Fears, insecurities, shame, defense mechanisms, and past relationships all play a part in how a person seeks to find their contentment or avoids perceived discomfort or fear. Awareness of these aspects shows when you sabotage the harmony in your life or relationship and how to overcome that. This awareness also allows you to recognize a partner that has the ability to accept your nature while fulfilling theirs. Author Bio Bill Farr is a wellness coach, an instructor in various forms of martial arts and meditation, a former kickboxing champion and professional Argentine Tango dancer. As a consummate student of human behavior, Bill works with well-known Western psychology professionals as well as Buddhist monks, South American Shaman, Chi Gong masters, Grand Masters of martial arts and other prominent teachers. He now travels worldwide teaching the principles in this book as well as meditation and wellness. ( His concepts are designed to help people become healthy and united in mind, body, and spirit in order to prepare themselves to find their perfect mate as well as a path to fulfillment and higher consciousness. The focus is on developing compassion, understanding and respect for each other based on important differences existing in both intimate and professional relationships.

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