The Pathway to Powerful : Learning to Lead a Courageous, Connected Culture


Do you want to grow in your ability to lead and build relationships, teams, and organizations through the powerful practices of honor?

In The Pathway to Powerful, Danny Silk (Culture of Honor, Keep Your Love On) teams up with Carla Chud to offer a practical roadmap for becoming a more powerful, healthy leader. Drawing from the journey Carla and her leadership team have taken to transform themselves and their organization, she and Danny lay out the steps to overcome fear-driven, dysfunctional leadership and establish the core values and practices of honor in their lives, team dynamics, and organizational culture.

Readers of The Pathway to Powerful will:

– Identify where they default to powerlessness and self-protection in the face of relational pain.

– Discover how to overcome fear – the root of powerless behavior.

– Confront the lies of insecurity and insignificance.

– Learn how to protect relationships when scary and painful things happen.

– Discover how to view people through the lens of honor.

– Become equipped to receive and give healthy feedback.

– Learn how to be a leader who builds a team of powerful people.

– Identify how to create, protect and expand a culture of trust and accountability.

If you are or aspire to be a leader or simply want to grow in understanding how to build a healthy relational culture in your family, church or workplace, The Pathway to Powerful will encourage and equip you for growth and success!

The Pathway to Powerful : Learning to Lead a Courageous, Connected Culture | ebooksilo | 4.5