The Heart’s Journey to Freedom (Paperback)

Do you feel attached to a guy and unable to let go? Are you missing out on your potential? You know it’s not healthy. You know you need freedom and a stronger version of yourself. But how do you get there? Ladies, there is hope. Written by someone who has been there, this book can be your guide… – Uncover why you stay attached and how to let go, step by step – Deepen your faith and discover who you were made to be ……………………………………………….. “Jade Mazarin writes with wisdom, strength and authenticity to give women hope and courage to explore the deepest longings of their hearts and true nature. Every woman who has struggled with attachments will benefit from this book full of insights, biblical truths and practical applications.” MARY ANN WOODWARD, Licensed Counselor, Paraclete Counseling Center “It is rare to read a book that is as open and vulnerable about relationships as this one. Jade uses the challenges she has faced to inform others about the ways God intends us to live. This book can provide insight for those who wonder about God’s plan.” DEANNE TERRELL, Psychologist, Dean, Richmont Graduate University “Jade Mazarin has a passion for helping women with unhealthy attachments. Many of my clients have attended her seminar and found it life-changing. I know this book will meet the needs of many.” RICHARD BLANKENSHIP, LPC, NCC, CCSAS, Author of S.A.R.A.H “The Heart’s Journey to Freedom is a beautifully written account of one person’s courageous path through attachment and surrender. I believe you will find it inspirational.” GARY W. MOON, Vice President and Professor, Richmont Graduate University Jade Mazarin, M.A., offers counseling and spiritual direction in Vero Beach, FL. She guides others by drawing from both her professional and personal experiences.

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