legs down prayers up 6 keys to unlocking purpose while waiting

Legs Down, Prayers Up : 6 Keys to Unlocking Purpose While Waiting

Legs Down, Prayers Up is a unique guide designed to provide women with tools to utilize in making decisions for everyday life. Celibate for 9 years, Brandi Nicole brings her wisdom and experiences to the table by packaging a testimony service, a Sunday school lesson, and a Spirit-lead conversation with a girlfriend all into one. […]

waiting for a father

Waiting for a Father

The heart-cry of every child without parents-a cry to be loved and to belong-told through the story of one boy named Jacob. For over two decades, Gary Stephens, his wife Helen, and their four biological children lived in Hong Kong. There they worked with Vietnamese refugees, then founded several homes for orphans and assisted with […]

raising a lady in waiting parents guide to helping your daughter avoid a bozo

Raising a Lady in Waiting : Parent’s Guide to Helping Your Daughter Avoid a Bozo

Raising Daughters Who Refuse to Settle In a culture that emphasizes finding the right pair of jeans over waiting for the right man, there is no time to sit back and hope everything just pans out. Mom, you are your daughter’s greatest influence, mentor, and relationship coach. It is time to take action! The most […]