the eight essential steps to conflict resolution preseverving relationships at work at home and

The Eight Essential Steps to Conflict Resolution : Preseverving Relationships at Work, at Home, and …

Problems that “just won’t go away” can be settled through methods developed by one of America’s leading experts in conflict resolution. In clear language, Weeks shows readers how to turn conflict into lasting partnerships and ensure a fruitful outcome.

how to get your son back 7 steps to reconnect and repair your relationship

How to Get Your Son Back : 7 Steps to Reconnect and Repair Your Relationship

Are you worried about your teen’s behavior, decision-making, or life direction but feel powerless to help them change? Are your attempts at communicating with your child met with cold resistance, shouting matches, and slamming doors? While this book includes details relevant to raising a son, the overall principles also apply to troubled daughters. Whether you […]

stay or leave six steps to resolving your relationship indecision

Stay or Leave : Six Steps to Resolving Your Relationship Indecision

Whether you are on the verge of leaving your partner find yourself getting increasingly unhappy or simply questioning if you are in the right relationship this book will help you make one of the most difficult decisions of your life – staying in or leaving a relationship that just doesn’t feel right. Chartered psychologist Beverley […]