holy sexuality and the gospel sex desire and relationships shaped by gods grand story

Holy Sexuality and the Gospel : Sex, Desire, and Relationships Shaped by God’s Grand Story

From the author of Out of a Far Country, which details his dramatic conversion from an agnostic gay man who put his identity in his sexuality to a Bible professor who now puts his identity in Christ alone, comes a gospel-centered discussion of sex, desire, and relationships. Dr. Christopher Yuan explores the concept of holy […]

sister gumbo spicy vignettes from black women on life sex and relationships

Sister Gumbo : Spicy Vignettes from Black Women on Life, Sex and Relationships

African-American women’s lives and relationships are complex and at times, deliciously spicy. So, when two sisters decided to interview over twenty women about relationships, sex, spirituality, and self, the result was a fantastic collection of funny, sassy, and moving vignettes. From Jackie, who still loves to have sex with her husband of 28 years, to […]

spare me the talk a guys guide to sex relationships and growing up

Spare Me ‘The Talk’! : A Guy’s Guide to Sex, Relationships, and Growing Up

If you have a teenage boy, there’s a 50 percent chance that he’s already sexually active, and a 33 percent chance that he’s been solicited by an online predator in the past year. How prepared is he for the risks and realities of sex? Unflinchingly honest, unfailingly complete, immensely readable (and often funny), Spare Me […]