thomas merton the exquisite risk of love the chronicle of a monastic romance

Thomas Merton: The Exquisite Risk of Love : The Chronicle of a Monastic Romance

While recuperating from an operation on his spine in a hospital in Louisville, Kentucky, Thomas Merton befriended a female nurse charged with his care. They fell in love. On returning to the Abbey of Gethsemani, where Merton had been living as a Trappist monk, their clandestine romance continued. In his journal Learning to Love and […]

bait switch saving your relationship after incredible romance turns into exhausting chaos

Bait & Switch : Saving Your Relationship After Incredible Romance Turns Into Exhausting Chaos

Some romantic relationships simply go sour. This book is not for them. Instead, it is for people stuck in high-conflict relationships. This is the relationship with a tantalizing beginning complete with charm, fun, ease, sensuality, and sexiness, that abruptly turns into one of confusion, dread, despair, and even violence. There is no good exit strategy […]

classical feng shui for romance sex relationships

Classical Feng Shui for Romance, Sex & Relationships

Harness the ancient power and wisdom of Classical Feng Shui to enhance all of your relationships, from romantic pursuits to day-to-day interactions with friends, family, and coworkers. Explore real-life stories of men and women’s struggles with love and relationships and how Feng Shui enabled them to overcome their obstacles. Whether you are a beginner or […]

single men are like waffles single women are like spaghetti friendship romance and relationship

Single Men Are Like Waffles–Single Women Are Like Spaghetti : Friendship, Romance, and Relationship…

With its lively new cover, this specially focused complement to Men Are Like Waffles–Women Are Like Spaghetti, guides singles through the journey of developing and maintaining healthy relationships with members of the opposite sex. This book offers valuable insight for single men and women as they learn to… work together more effectively socialize with each […]