the parenting project build extraordinary relationships with your kids through daily conversation

The Parenting Project : Build Extraordinary Relationships With Your Kids Through Daily Conversation

In a world full of many influences, The Parenting Project shows you how, through the practice of daily conversation, to maintain influence in your child’s life. Are you losing the influence game with your children? If you want to direct your child’s growth, then they need to get to know you. In The Parenting Project, parenting experts Dr. Amy Alamar […]

parenting isnt for cowards the you can do it guide for hassled parents from americas best love

Parenting Isn’t for Cowards : The ‘You Can Do It’ Guide for Hassled Parents from America’s Best-Love…

Does your heart skip a beat when you think of all that could go wrong in the parenting years ahead? Anxiety is normal, but your worst fears don’t have to become reality. Speaking both as a therapist and a father—and drawing on a landmark study of thirty-five thousand parents—Dr. James Dobson helps you . . […]