kings queens a guide to a better relationship paperback

Kings, Queens & Stable Boys: Why Men Cheat; A Guide to a Better Relationship (Paperback)

Being in a relationship is hard. Each one is different…each one with its own issues. What resolves conflict in one relationship may not work for the next. Kings, Queens & Stable Boys; Why Men Cheat – A Guide to a Better Relationship does not have all of the answers. No book can have all of […]

the her campus guide to college life paperback

The Her Campus Guide to College Life (Paperback)

As seen on The Today Show “Some things are common sense, but some things aren’t–especially when it comes to navigating a college campus in a way that’s fun, independent and totally safe. This guide touches on everything from dating and studying, to making friends and joining clubs outside of class.” – From dating to internships–everything […]

falsas relaciones fake relationships paperback

Falsas Relaciones: (fake Relationships) (Paperback)

Melanie MilburneFALSAS RELACIONES Abby Hart, una conocida columnista londinense cuyos art’culos versaban sobre las relaciones amorosas, ocultaba un gran secreto que no pod’a revelar a nadie: su prometido, el hombre perfecto, era ficticio y, adem+s, ella era virgen. Cuando la invitaron a una famosa fiesta con fines benéficos, a la que deb’a ir acompa-ada de […]

secure relationships nurturing infant toddler attachment in early care settings paperback

Secure Relationships: Nurturing Infant/Toddler Attachment in Early Care Settings (Paperback)

For healthy adjustment in childhood and later in life, infants and toddlers need secure attachments to the adults who care for them. Loving, responsive, and consistent care from primary caregivers is key to young children learning to form relationships. Alice Honig, with her vast experience and deep knowledge of research and theory, distills key points […]