social media new menace to meaningful relationships how to manage the distractions and effects of

Social Media : New Menace to Meaningful Relationships: How to Manage the Distractions and Effects of…

The advent of social media has brought several advantages into society. It has for example improved communications. However, the downside which is subtle is that it is creating more distractions in marriages than can be expected. Couples do not have time for interpersonal communication and intimacy. The resulting effect is pushing them sometimes to have […]

the table experience discover what creates deeper more meaningful relationships

The Table Experience : Discover What Creates Deeper, More Meaningful Relationships

We’re a society on the go. It seems we have more ways than ever to communicate with each other. And yet, despite the technology of texting, instant messages, cell phones, and video conferencing, our relationships often suffer from lack of quality communication. The answer is not better usage of technology, but rather in using a […]

how to have that difficult conversation gaining the skills for honest and meaningful communication

How to Have That Difficult Conversation : Gaining the Skills for Honest and Meaningful Communication

Successful people confront well. They know that setting healthy boundaries improves relationships and can solve important problems. They have discovered that uncomfortable situations can be avoided or resolved through direct conversation. But most of us don’t know how to have difficult conversations, and we see confrontation as scary or adversarial. Authors Henry Cloud and John […]