the 7 minute marriage solution 7 things to start 7 things to stop 7 things that matter most

The 7 Minute Marriage Solution : 7 Things to Start! 7 Things to Stop! 7 Things that Matter Most!

Drawing from an extensive national survey of more than 1,300 men and women, best- selling author Stephen Arterburn first reveals 7 things you must stop doing that damage your marriage. Second, he presents 7 positive things you must start doing to build a great marriage. But most important: he tells you what to do if […]

defining the relationship workbook a relationship course for those considering marriage

Defining the Relationship Workbook : A Relationship Course for Those Considering Marriage

Many Christian couples come to a point where they must “Define their Relationship.” This awkward but pivotal conversation either pushes them apart or allows their relationship to develop into something greater. This course will help couples examine the exciting, yet unknown path they will travel together and help them carefully consider the strength of their […]

the relationship cure a 5 step guide to strengthening your marriage family and friendships

The Relationship Cure : A 5 Step Guide to Strengthening Your Marriage, Family, and Friendships

From the country’s foremost relationship expert and New York Times bestselling author Dr. John M. Gottman comes a powerful, simple five-step program, based on twenty years of innovative research, for greatly improving all of the relationships in your life—with spouses and lovers, children, siblings, and even your colleagues at work. Gottman provides the tools you […]

intercultural communication impacts on marriage and family relationships

Intercultural Communication : Impacts on Marriage and Family Relationships

With so many individuals, couples, and families now living in the United States from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds, there are various communication styles among the different ethnic groups that play a key role in determining the success and failure of today’s marriages and family relationships. Throughout the years of personal struggles as a former […]