the table experience discover what creates deeper more meaningful relationships

The Table Experience : Discover What Creates Deeper, More Meaningful Relationships

We’re a society on the go. It seems we have more ways than ever to communicate with each other. And yet, despite the technology of texting, instant messages, cell phones, and video conferencing, our relationships often suffer from lack of quality communication. The answer is not better usage of technology, but rather in using a […]

fresh air group experience participants guide trading stale spiritual obligation for a life alter

Fresh Air Group Experience Participant’s Guide : Trading Stale Spiritual Obligation for a Life-Alter…

Each of us can find ourselves in the doldrums—stuck, in survival mode, just going through the motions of faith and life. Yet God has more in store for us than that—and it’s time to start discovering it. In this companion guide to Fresh Air – A DVD Group Experience, you’ll join Pastor Chris Hodges for […]

30 day marriage makeover how to get closer communicate better and experience more passion in you

30-Day Marriage Makeover : How to Get Closer, Communicate Better, and Experience more Passion in you…

Based on principles from his best-selling book Intimacy, Dr. Doug Weiss offers thirty daily teachings for married Christian couples that will help them discover what true intimacy looks like, learn how to overcome the five main roadblocks to intimacy, and help them fall in love all over again.

the marriage youve always wanted small group experience

The Marriage You’ve Always Wanted Small Group Experience

Dr. Gary Chapman’s marriage conference abridged for your small group. Want to experience a life-changing marriage conference and grow together with others who want a better marriage? Gather a small group for a virtual experience with Dr. Gary Chapman, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller The 5 Love Languages®! Using his trademark warmth […]

kingdom marriage group video experience with leaders guide

Kingdom Marriage Group Video Experience, With Leader’s Guide

This uplifting new video small-group study is based on the book Kingdom Marriage. It instructs every Christ-following couple on how to tap into the power of God as they seek God’s purpose and perspective for their marriage. This resource is filled with practical insights and applications as Tony Evans explains how kingdom couples bring light […]