your perfect right assertiveness and equality in your life and relationships

Your Perfect Right : Assertiveness and Equality in Your Life and Relationships

Your Perfect Right—the leading assertiveness guide with over 1.3 million copies sold—is now fully updated and revised. This indispensable guide to equal-relationship assertiveness is packed with step-by-step exercises, tips, and skills to help you express yourself effectively. Are you comfortable starting a conversation with strangers at a party? Do you sometimes feel ineffective in making […]

whats happening to us how the quest for equality has eroded communication and connectedness in o

What’s Happening to Us? : How the Quest for Equality Has Eroded Communication and Connectedness in O…

Today’s women are asking, where have all the “good men” gone? And it is no wonder. Over the last decade, with female empowerment they got a fairer shot at equality, but have they really gotten what they wished for when you throw in the family responsibilities, dual jobs, and the rise of the single mom? […]