taking out your emotional trash face your feelings and build healthy relationships

Taking Out Your Emotional Trash : Face Your Feelings and Build Healthy Relationships

What needs to grow and what needs to go? Licensed psychologist and author Georgia Shaffer asks women this vital question as she encourages them to recognize and let go of the unhealthy, toxic emotions and lies they hold onto and replace them with godly truths. With a strong biblical foundation, Shaffer offers encouragement, insightful questions, […]

emotional infidelity how to affair proof your marriage and 10 other secrets to a great relationshi

Emotional Infidelity : How to Affair-Proof Your Marriage and 10 Other Secrets to a Great Relationshi…

What’s holding you back from a great marriage? “I don’t believe in ‘okay,’ ‘decent,’ or ‘solid’ marriages. I’m against them,” says M. Gary Neuman. “I believe only in great marriages, and that you should expect and reach for no less.” In the last fifteen years, M. Gary Neuman, marital therapist and architect of the Sandcastles […]