clean love in courtship

Clean Love in Courtship

This booklet contains practical advice on the subjects of dating and choosing a spouse from the Catholic theological viewpoint. Father Lovasik points out clearly what one’s moral obligations are in this area, providing an invaluable aid to youthful readers. Additionally, he demonstrates that Catholic marriage is different from secular marriage and why it is important […]

waiting while dating christian couples who kept god first from courtship to marriage

Waiting While Dating : Christian Couples Who Kept God First from Courtship to Marriage

Waiting While Dating interviews six Christian couples who had different backgrounds and situations, some had been previously married and some had not. The couples span from meeting in their twenties, to thirties and forties. Each couple opens up and gives personal insight on what attracted them to their current spouse, how they held each other […]

courtship in crisis the case for traditional dating

Courtship in Crisis : The Case for Traditional Dating

The Experiment Failed In the 1990s, a huge movement swept through America. Millions of young people stopped dating and embraced something new called “courtship” which promised to usher singles into marriage while avoiding the dangers of dating. It sounded wonderful. The problem? It didn’t work. The resulting singleness epidemic left a generation with broken hearts […]