honest questions honest answers how to engage in compelling conversations about your christian fa

Honest Questions, Honest Answers : How to Engage in Compelling Conversations about Your Christian Fa…

When your friends ask touchy questions about what you believe, are you ready to give an answer? You can explain the reasons for your faith and communicate solid, biblical truth with gentleness and respect. In a clear, approachable style–and featuring actual dialogue with real people–David Faust presents a refreshing way to have compelling conversations.People have […]

soulmates friendship fellowship and the making of christian community

Soulmates : Friendship, Fellowship, and the Making of Christian Community

For all the vast talk about the nature of the church over the years, our understanding of the actual relationship we euphemistically call Christian community is rather thin and incomprehensible. Peel away the institutional hard shell around what we understand to be the church and what fleshy relationship lies within? This book seeks to give […]