Some Wisdom and Relationship Crystals : Book I

Some Wisdom and Relationship Crystals : Book I

The World Is My Oyster

There are many sayings which I
Have held fast to throughout my life!
Eventually, the world will know them!

Whether you think my way will work
Or not, my
Redeemer is on my side and will
Lead me straight into a
Divine eternity but not before fulfilling all my dreams!

I know that none of us are promised tomorrow because,
Soon and very soon, our Lord, Jesus Christ, will return!

Maybe I won’t be able to convince all of
You that life has gone that well for me; your belief doesn’t matter;

Only mine does, and
You don’t have to like or agree with that statement either! Our
Takes the time to work with all of us uniquely, individually! He is
Extremely gentle and loving! If you don’t believe me now,
Remember to reminisce with me in eternity please!

God Loves Diversity!

Great Deity
Definitely dangerous and immense power!

Learning about the limitless power of
Our everlasting Father with our finite minds is often
Very frustrating and can
Seem impossible most of the time!

Don’t ever think, even
In your wildest dreams, that your
Very loving
Everlasting Father has purposely put you in a very
Rough situation to
Show you that you will always get yourself
Into some of the
Toughest situations you’ve ever seen, and
You would do better than well to follow His will!

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