Singles at the Crossroads

Nearly half of today’s adult population is unmarried. But most churches emphasize marriage and family, leaving many Christian singles feeling like marginalized, second-class citizens. Many suspect they would be more acceptable to the church – and God – if they “settled down” and got married. Albert Hsu challenges this point of view. Christian singles need neither more how-to books for meeting the perfect mate nor trite advice on suffering through the single life. What is lacking is a truly Christian understanding of singleness – what it means to be single and Christian. Hsu suggests that a balanced, biblical view is one that honors singleness as a status equal to marriage. Moving beyond pat answers, this book debunks the myth of the “gift of singleness”; works through issues of discerning God’s will as a single; explains why searching for “the right one” can be misguided and even unbiblical; grapples with loneliness, aloneness, community, dating and sex; gives practical guidance for temptations singles face; and provides questions for individual or group study.

Singles at the Crossroads | ebooksilo | 4.5