kind words uplift nourish your relationships with inspirational verses for all occasions

Kind Words Uplift : Nourish Your Relationships with Inspirational Verses for All Occasions

Words Heal, Words Uplift, Words Change the World An inspiring collection of verses to revive relationships and put more love and meaning into communication. Show your love and care with these words. Take time out of your day to choose, rewrite or post your loving thoughts and well wishes. Be creative, make your own cards […]

your facade is showing a divorcees perspective on accepting relationship red flags the first time

Your Facade Is Showing : A Divorcees Perspective on Accepting Relationship Red Flags the First Time

If you are looking for a sugar coated experience about divorce, heartbreak, and the struggles after — this is NOT the book for you!Debbie London takes you through the REAL emotional tailspin of getting divorced abruptly. She provides insight, support, and reflection not just for those considering divorce or breaking up but those who want […]

working it out a lesbian relationship primer

Working It Out : A Lesbian Relationship Primer

Relationships are both our source of deepest satisfaction and our greatest distress. While many books are written with the goal of helping couples, most are written with heterosexual relationships in mind. This workbook specifically addresses issues that lesbians face such as coming out, domestic partnership or marriage commitment, and the effects of homophobia (both internalized […]