No Drama Llama: Weekly Planner and Monthly Calendar with Inspirational Quotes (2…

No Drama Llama: Weekly Planner and Monthly Calendar with Inspirational Quotes (2...

2019 Weekly Planner with Inspirational Quotes | Free Printable Wall Art Calendar with Purchase

Navigating through the year can be challenging without the proper tools. Use this inspirational and motivational planner will guide you on your journey to success. Easily and effortlessly organize your time and be inspired during your pursuit of your goals. Using a good planner means you’ll be prepared for the challenges of the week and more successful in your efforts. Think about the many benefits you’ll get by simply using the No Drama Llama Weekly Planner to track your appointments and tasks. How would increased organization and direction improve your life? Stop letting drama and excuses control your life and start on a course of accomplishment achievement now with the No Drama Llama Weekly Planner!

Task Lists
Because you want the most out of life, you need to optimize your time and activities. Plan your week out and layout important meetings and events in a weekly calendar. Once you are organized, excuses become a thing of the past. Record and keep track of weekly accomplishments to make sure you’re on top of your game delivering when it counts.

52 Week Planner
Contains a 52 week planner with room for daily activities, important tasks, special dates, a habit tracker and space for notes. Includes 2019 calendar year for current activities and long-term planning. Each week includes an inspiring quote to keep you motivated and on focused.

12 Month Organizer
Keep track of important milestones and dates with 12 monthly calenders. Get a high level snapshot of each month and make sure you have the key activites and dates identified.

Habit Tracker for Self-Improvement
Now that you’re conquering the world, you need to make sure to take care of yourself. Use the weekly habit trackers to develop success traits that will mak you stand out from the crowd. Create habits for mental and physical health, self-improvement or relationship building.

  • BE INSPIRED – Each week includes an inspirational quote or words of encouragement to set you on the right path. Start each week b with words of encouragement and success.
  • MONTHLY CALENDAR WITH HOLIDAYS – Look ahead and future plan each month. Monthly calenders includ space for you to record your goals, birthdays and any important notes.

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* An inspirational and powerful No Drama Llama quote cover
* A free wall art pdf download with “No Drama Llama” design (simply print at Staples/Office Depot or on a home printer and frame)
* Easy and simple organization and inspiration

The Perfect Gift
Buy one for yourself and give one to a friend!

What Really Matters?
Think about how important things gets done. Whether you’re building a bridge or sending someone into space…the stuff that really matters gets organized and planned! Your life is no different. Stop limiting yourself and start showing everyone how much your activities matter by using No Drama Llama Weekly Planner today. Because success may be a decision away. Decide not to try to install successful traits and habits.

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