My Heavenly Father’s Eyes

My Heavenly Father's Eyes

Inspiration for this book came from my mother’s comments about my children’s eyes. She often remarks, “your children have eyes just like Donald” (their Father). Stephanie, my oldest daughter, has lashes that are very long and silky, complementing her beautiful brown skin. Melanie, my middle child, has dark smooth brows that perfectly accent her stunning dark eyes. DJ, my handsome son has gorgeous eyes that seem as if they don’t even belong on such a robust young man. While my children do have various traits of mine, it amazes me how they all have their father’s eyes. As I pondered on this comment early one Thursday morning, this natural reality became a spiritual truth. I thought about the importance of having your father’s eyes-your Heavenly Father’s eyes. It is important to be able to look at people and situations and see them the way God sees them. We do not see them with our natural eyes but with hearts indwelled with the loving Spirit of Jesus Christ. Seeing them the way our Heavenly Father sees them is the only way to establish and to maintain loving relationships. Husbands with their Heavenly Father’s eyes see their wives as a precious jewel; wives see their husbands as the spiritual leaders in the home. Parents see their children as special gifts from God. Children see their parents as people of honor. Family members see each other as spiritual support systems. Pastors see their members as precious souls. Congregations see their Pastors as leaders appointed by God. This study is designed to build relational bonds that are so strong in marriages, in our families and in our church families that Satan does not stand a chance at destroying them.

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