Meniere Man and the Astronaut. the Self Help Book for Meniere’s Disease

Meniere Man and the Astronaut. the Self Help Book for Meniere's Disease

Voted by Goodreads as: A book everyone should read in their lifetime.HOW TO GO FROM MENIERE SUFFERER TO MENIERE SURVIVORAn extraordinary book written about Meniere’s Disease from a personal perspective of suffering, coping and going forwards to make a full recovery spanning almost two decades.Meniere Man maps out his personal and terrifying battle with Meniere’s, and even more importantly, the exact path he took to make a recovery WITHOUT SURGERY OR ANY INVASIVE MEDICAL PROCEDURES.This best seller is widely recommended by ENT Specialists, Audiologists and medical specialists in Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA.In this book the Author explains exactly what he did to help him make a full recovery which means: No more bad days. No Meniere’s brainfog, no exhaustion or lack of energy. No vertigo attacks. No wooziness or dizziness. No worry or anxiety about Meniere triggers.In this book you will find Meniere Man’s own self-help notebook: 100 easy, simple ideas that work to help manage, cope with Meniere’s disease and recover. Valuable self-help information every sufferer of Meniere’s disease can use everyday. He worked towards a full recovery, everyday and never gave up until he was well again.Direct-action, simple, practical and effective ways which, when applied, can help you get over Meniere’s.It was Meniere Man’s personal spirit and desire to get “back to normal” that helped him recover. He decided that you can’t put a limit on anything in life. What he shares with you now, worked for the 100% recovery that the Author has experienced for almost two decades. His findings are now widely quoted all over the internet. Aside from writing the series of self-help books on Meniere’s, Meniere Man supports Meniere’s research worldwide. He has published his findings in Meniere support magazines in Europe and Australia; giving talks to Meniere groups; giving one-on-one face-to-face sessions to help sufferers, as well as telephone mentoring support.ABOUT THE MENIERE MAN SERIESWhen the Author was diagnosed with Meniere’s, his ENT specialist handed him an A4 leaflet, told him to keep away from stress and not eat salt. That was it! There were no books on the subject in bookstores, libraries or on the internet. With an information void, he had no choice, but to take recovery into his own hands. He recorded daily accounts of what worked and didn’t work. And formulated his own health plan. It worked. Twenty years later he’s still totally free of Menieres.Using his personal experience of battling Meniere symptoms and making a complete recovery, he wrote a series of coherent books to cover every aspect of his recovery. On completion of his first manuscript, three years later, he presented it to his two ENT specialists to review. Both professionals said, the insights gained on how to manage Meniere’s, was invaluable from a patients’ perspective. They believed, even medical people would benefit from his experience.Since publishing the first self-help memoir and a complete series of self-help books, he hopes the world for Meniere’s sufferers is a less frightening place.”If I can do it, then so can you.” MM”This copyright holder prohibits the use and distribution of their content from unauthorized sources. Support them by purchasing or accessing from authorized sources only. is the authorized DMCA Agent for this copyright holder.” Similar related tags: inner ear, vestibular, low-sodium, low-salt, symptoms, vertigo, hearing loss, tinnitus, dizziness, dizzy, balance disorder, recurrent attacks, fluctuating hearing, sensorineural, hearing loss, affected ear, aural, audiometry

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