Love Is the Answer : Creating Positive Relationships

You can achieve harmony, forgiveness, and well-being, overcome any obstacle, build constructive relationships, heal illness, assuage the deepest grief. If you can recover the capacity to love, you can do anything.

The principles of inner healing are simple, easy to master, and astonishingly effective. The real-world power of unconditional love is almost unlimited, with vast potential for salvaging relationships, improving health, crating happiness, and increasing productivity in every area of human endeavor.

A pioneer in the field of attitudinal healing and author of Out of Darkness into the Light, One Person Can Make a Difference, and Teach Only Love, as well as the classic bestseller Love Is Letting Go of Fear, Dr. Gerald G. Jampolsky has transformed the lives of millions of men and women through his work. In this companion volume to Love Is Letting Go of Fear, Dr. Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione outline the Seven Stepping Stones of inner health:

• Ending conflict and preparing for unconditional love
• Turning fear, shame, and guilt into love
• Transforming control into freedom
• Achieving present happiness despite past misery
• Forgiving others to heal ourselves
• Building holy relationships

You can attain happiness and peace of mind. All it takes is the conscious decision to be happy and peaceful. This is the book that will show you how.

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