Loneliness : God’s Gift to the Single

Have you ever wondered what you were doing wrong in your relationships? Do you have difficulty building and sustaining relationships with others? And because of this, do you now feel alone? If you are struggling with relationships and feelings of loneliness, now is the time to look inside yourself and listen to the small, still voice of life that speaks from within.

Loneliness: Gods Gift to the Single can help you cope with times of loneliness by showing you how to take this solitude and use it as a gift from God. While loneliness can seem like a curse, God can also use loneliness as a way to bring us restoration, redirection, and refreshment. We ask God for so much in our prayers, and his answer may be to bring our souls to a place of rest; in this place, we can then reflect on ourselves and use this time to improve our relationship-building skills.

When a relationship ends, the best place to start is at the beginning. The beginning is where you can witness a fresh way to start again, and the beginning is with God, where relationships were created in the first place. Yes, you were there, and he is here with you now. So take a peek into this gift of loneliness, which is truly a time to dwell with God and be brought into his perfect will.

Loneliness : God’s Gift to the Single | ebooksilo | 4.5