Leaving Loneliness : A Workbook: Building Relationships with Yourself and Others

Addressing persistent loneliness requires reflection and action to address the loneliness at its core. This book focuses squarely on what psychologists call your attachment style, an invisible but pervasive approach to relationships that influences how lonely or socially abundant your life is to become. Your attachment style can leave you nourished with love, isolated and longing, or trapped in stormy and unstable relationships, depending on your particular attachment style. Kirkus Reviews calls Leaving Loneliness, “A curative, uplifting workbook” (review is below). That is because attachment styles can be changed, and this workbook’s purpose is to help you on your path to do exactly that. Are you ready to work on this? If so, use the reflective activities and begin replacing loneliness with connection. Kindle Edition: To respond to questions in the workbook, just touch the screen for several seconds, and a notepad will appear, allowing you to type and save your responses. Editorial Review: A gentle guide to healing childhood wounds and developing full, satisfying relationships in adulthood. Narang, in this book, seeks to identify barriers to emotional success, and his soothing tone enhances the work considerably. The author clearly explains the workbook’s overall format and each activity’s rationale (“you will address the problem first and then move toward building strength, much in the way that if you had an infection in your foot, you would heal that infection first before moving on to building muscles by running”). The variety of exercises is impressive. Not every exercise will apply to every person, he explains, which allows the reader to tailor the workbook to his or her own needs. This flexible approach, combined with the author’s easily understandable, peaceful style, make this a restorative work for a wide audience. A curative, uplifting attachment workbook. — Kirkus Reviews

Leaving Loneliness : A Workbook: Building Relationships with Yourself and Others | ebooksilo | 4.5