Kind Words Uplift : Nourish Your Relationships with Inspirational Verses for All Occasions

kind words uplift nourish your relationships with inspirational verses for all occasions

Words Heal, Words Uplift, Words Change the World An inspiring collection of verses to revive relationships and put more love and meaning into communication. Show your love and care with these words. Take time out of your day to choose, rewrite or post your loving thoughts and well wishes. Be creative, make your own cards or create precious social media moments. Within these pages are over two hundred beautifully crafted Inspirational verses for any occasion interspersed with those celebrating the special events in our lives. These verses were written to help change the world, by healing and uplifting hearts, one person at a time. Celia believes, if each person fully nurtured each other with conscious present awareness, then their immediate relationships, families and friendships would thrive. When people thrive they share their good will and make the world a better place. She now asks you to join her and be part of the solution. Let her words uplift you and those you love.

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