Journey to Freedom, the Soul-Ties(tm) Detox : Break Free from the Relationships That Have Broken You

journey to freedom the soul tiestm detox break free from the relationships that have broken you

The Soul-TiesTM Detox Program is the FIRST of its kind, 5-Week program that will take you on a practical and spiritual journey of recovery from broken or toxic relationships. Using proven methods, intense education and journaling activities, you will discover God’s design for relationship and the importance of protecting your heart from those who hurt you. It will challenge EVERYTHING you’ve ever learned about Soul-TiesTM (how we form bonds with one another), how broken and toxic relationships affect us and how to truly be break free from brokenness. This book doesn’t just promise healing from unhealthy romantic relationships, but also toxic family members, friendships and ANY other type of relationship that has stunted your emotional health and growth.

Designed for both individual and small group use, this interactive book will guide you through an authentic detox program where each week promises amazing breakthroughs until you arrive at forgiveness and freedom. With Kenyon and Taccara as your personal guide, discover the wisdom, strategies, mentalities and processes that you will need in order to FINALLY break free from Soul-TiesTM.

*Only the printed copy Includes Small Group Discussions and Journal Components.

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