In Search of a Father’s Blessing : The Cry of a Lost Generation

In Search of a Father's Blessing : The Cry of a Lost Generation

There are times when I feel like the title ‘father’ is the worst name God could have given Himself. What a stupid idea, when ‘father’ means rejection in my world.”
—From a troubled teen’s letter to Doug Stringer

Doug Stringer’s ministry daily saw young people struggling with drugs, alcohol, abortion, prostitution, apathy, and other issues. As God gave insight the root of the problem became clear: America is devoid of fathers, both natural and spiritual; it is an orphaned nation with broken and dysfunctional families; it is a society of individuals in search of identity.
Doug gives the reader a clear path to the affirmation, acceptance, and approval of a father by drawing from his own struggle with fatherlessness to explain:

  • The answer to the problem of fatherlessness in our nation
  • The importance of spiritual fathers in the church
  • How to be a spiritual father and find a spiritual father
  • God’s heart for reconciliation between generations
  • How to overcome broken trust and learn to trust again.

The church is only now awaking to the heart cry of a generation that has been abandoned and left to its own devices. Doug Stringer believes that God is ready to release a multi-generational anointing, calling forth churches and nations to come back to their Abba Father. 

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