How to Book of Interpersonal Communication : Improve Your Relationships

Why are some people just so difficult to get on with? Why do some people have to argue or sulk? And keep getting away with being difficult! Does it sometimes feel as if you are having to fit into what other people want to do? That your needs and rights are being ignored or run over? It doesn’t have to always be like that! And while it’s not easy to deal with the most difficult of people, you can learn a range of skills and techniques that can significantly improve your life. Would you like to give yourself more options to deal with problem people? Would you like to improve all your communication skills? Would you like to learn how to stand up for yourself better? If your answer is yes, then this “How to” book will give you the skills you need. In it you will find practical day to day advice-with examples-of ways to: – understand yourself better-especially your preferred communication styles – deal with both aggressive and passive communication behavior – recognize and work with other people’s strengths, rather bumping up against them-just plain frustrating for everyone – say No, simply, effectively and consistently. And without feeling bad – set boundaries for yourself – apply assertion skills at work – deal safely with conflict – use active listening skills – use virtual communication tools such as FaceBook, SMS and the like-more effectively These are techniques for improving your relationships at work and at home.

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