Happily After All : How to Keep Your Relationship Going When You Are Tired of Trying

happily after all how to keep your relationship going when you are tired of trying

This book will show you how to be happy, loving and grits free.

Relationships these days are harder now because conversations have become text messages, arguments have become public information, and feelings have become blog rants and social media status updates.

No relationship is picture perfect, and ours was not like the fairytale relationships that you’ve seen on TV. After all the arguments, tears and flying pots, we were determine to win; and I’m sure you can too.

I believe that we have the solution to strengthen your thoughts and approach towards relationships and love. You may not have a Happily Ever After… but you can be Happily After All.

“This is reality on paper for couples everywhere.” – Kim Fields & Chris Morgan (ACTRESS, PRODUCER)

“Before you even think about putting a ring on it, Listen TO WILLIE!” – Cedric the Entertainer (KING OF COMEDY)

“Willie Moore Jr. has pulled back the curtain on relationships for the single, married, young, and old.” – Dr. Holly Carter, (EMMY AWARD TV PRODUCER)

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