God’s Love : The Key to Successful Relationships

Today we live in a world that still yearns for the most meaningful element in life, genuine love. Even though we have made great advances in the fields of technology, science and medicine mankind still seems to miss what is most important which is loving GOD then his or her neighbor as themselves. Wouldn’t it be grand if everyone in the world loved each other unconditionally? There would be no more wars, everybody would have plenty and no one would be denied healthcare. We would be much safer on our streets and our quality of life would be so much better because all of our relationships would be richer. The divorce rate would be 0 and care for children would be supreme as well as our homes hence our communities stronger. What a beautiful world that would be. We may never reach that utopia but we can get close, if not for the whole world we can obtain that goal for our country. If not for our country we can for our state, if not for our state then for our city. If we can’t experience this love in our city then perhaps we can in our church. If not in our church then maybe we can in our family and if not for them then we can achieve this love for ourselves. I have written this book in an attempt to help others stray from the many mistakes that I have made in my quest for finding true love and that special someone in my life. I believe the key to obtaining that unique love relationship as well as others is to understand and have GOD’S love in our hearts. Not your brand of love, mine or your next door neighbor’s, but GOD’S. In this book we journey through the many types of love, exploring the different facets of them while identifying much of the meaning of GOD’S true love. The chapters and subparagraphs of this book have been aligned to paint you a simple picture of love that is depicted in a concise, concentrated and easy to read format so that you may readily refer to it for help. The accompanying Bible scriptures have been highlighted so that you may memorize them as this will aid your faith in GOD as it applies to your love relationships. Footnotes have been added as an encouraging reminder of important thoughts that will help keep you focused while living out what you have learned. As well there will be end of chapter exercises that will help you to apply the principles you’ve obtained to your everyday living. I encourage you to take full advantage of them for these experiences will prove to increase your ability to expand with the knowledge of this work. Now be blessed on your newfound quest to obtain love in a way that you previously haven’t as you experience, GOD’S Love The Key to Successful Relationships!

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