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the first novel in a new series from bestselling author nan rossiter tells the moving story of a couple struggling to start a family and the young foster girl with a heart condition who changes their lives forever a multi leveled beautifully written story that will glow in readers hearts long after the last page is turned kristan higgins new york times bestselling authorcan the course that they ve set for the future handle a slight detour macey and ben samuelson have much to be thankful for great friends a beautiful if high maintenance victorian house on idyllic tybee island and a rock solid marriage the only thing missing is what they want the most after her fifth miscarriage in six years macey worries that the family they ve always dreamed of might be out of reach her sister suggests adoption but macey and ben aren t interested in pursuing that path until a three legged golden retriever named keeper wags his way into their home and their hearts harper wheaton just got kicked out of another foster home and it won t be the last if she keeps losing her temper she s not sure why she gets mad maybe because no family seems to want a nine year old girl with a heart condition she loves her social worker cora but knows that staying with her forever isn t an option will she ever find a family to call her own as a physician s assistant macey meets lots of kids harper wheaton s a tough one but macey knows the little girl has already struggled more than most it gets macey and ben to thinking about all the children who need homes then harper goes missing and one thing is suddenly crystal clear life is complicated but love doesn t have to be

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Download promises of the heart Free
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