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Book ID of no bad deed #39 s Books is 45894472, Book which was written by heather chavez which was published by william morrow . This Book which have certain number of Pages

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packed with the electrifying pacing and pulse pounding suspense of harlan coben and lisa gardner a thrilling debut about a mother desperate to find the connections between her missing husband and a deadly stalker who knows too much about her own dark family history driving home one rainy night cassie larkin sees a man and woman fighting on the side of the road after calling 911 the veterinarian makes a split second decision that will throw her sedate suburban life into chaos against all reason and advice she gets out of her minivan and chases after the violent man trying to help his victim when cassie physically tries to stop him he suddenly turns on her and spits out an ominous threat let her die and i ll let you live a veterinarian trained to heal cassie can t let the woman die but while she s examining the unconscious victim the attacker steals her car now he has her name her address and he knows about her children though they warn her to be careful the police assure her that the perpetrator a criminal named carver sweet won t get near her cassie isn t so sure the next day halloween her husband disappears while trick or treating with their six year old daughter are these disturbing events a coincidence or the beginning of a horrifying nightmare her husband has been growing distant is it possible he s become involved with another woman is cassie s confrontation with the road side attacker connected to her husband s disappearance with all these questions swirling in her mind cassie can trust no one maybe not even herself the only thing she knows for sure is that she can t sit back while the people she loves are in danger as she desperately searches for answers cassie discovers that nothing is as random as it seems and that she is more than willing to fight to go the most terrifying extremes to save her family and her marriage

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