Dating Backyard Dogs : A Guide to Christian Dating

“Linn Winters is an incredible guide who shows how to navigate the challenging waters of dating in today’s complex world. He writes with humor, insight and clear application. The wisdom shared here could literally save you years of heartache and frustration. Don’t miss it!”

Jud Wilhite, author of Pursued, Sr. Pastor of Central

Christian Church, Las Vegas, Nevada

We’ve all experienced dry spells in dating. Moments when we questioned “will there ever be anyone in my life?” It’s during those seasons when we are most likely to settle for Mr. or Miss right now. We know he is not long term dating material. You would never take her home to meet your mom. They are just conveniently available. But, what if dating Mr. or Miss right now takes you out of the running for the person God is actually preparing for you? What if settling for a backyard dog in the present means you’ll eventually end up with a backyard dog in your future?

Dating Backyard Dogs offers practical insights on how to date better so that you marry better. After all, it’s not the person who dates the most who wins… it’s finding the right one for you that really matters!

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