Are You a Wife or a Knife?

Ladies, have you ever been upset with your husband and could not wait to tell him how you felt? Or may be you know and understand your husband so well, you know exactly what to do or say to get what you want. Men, have you ever felt cut and found no blood? Have you ever wondered why your wife seem to react strongly over things you consider “small” or things you consider not to be that important? Or regardless what you do or say it is never enough. Ladies and Gentlemen, if you have any of these questions this book is just for you. This book is designed not only to build up individuals and their marriages but designed to build up a persons character of every walks of life that may be considering marriage and yes, even improving their relationships with their families. So go out and pick up this book, add it to your collection and tell your family and friends that you found a book that reveals what seem to be hidden mysteries that may be preventing you from having a great and fulfilled marriage or healthy relationships in general. This book has proven to changed wives and changed lives.

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