Appreciable Gifts

Seekers in quest of attaining inner peace with the heavenly Father, deepening satisfaction in their friendships/relationships, healings from life’s brokenness – enhancing their sexuality and marriages need search no further. Within the pages of Appreciable Gifts lie your missing trophies Irrespective of your status in life, if your heart desires to learn the most essential tips on how to ‘spruce up’ your 3-D relationships: vertical, horizontal and downwards, Appreciable Gifts will show you how Read about: The Greatest Gift of All, The Gift of Restoration, The Gift of a True Friendship, The Gift of Sex & Sexuality in Committed Relationships, and; Cultivating the Gifts of Thanksgiving & Gratitude. Read and apply guideposts on the parameters of offering, accepting, cherishing, maintaining – and abounding in gifts The messages therein will positively impact your relationships for a lifetime

Appreciable Gifts | ebooksilo | 4.5