A Husband and a House Full of Cats (Paperback)

Almost four decades after their first meeting, widower Bob Frazier happens across Helen Edds’ email address in a newsletter. He reaches out in Christian friendship, thus beginning a correspondence that would last only one year, at which point Helen would become Mrs. Robert Frazier. Bob’s large extended family presents something of a culture shock for Helen, but she is enfolded into their tight unit without hesitation. And there are the cats: Prince, Merry Christmas, Toby, Princess, Mo, Mitzi, Black Angel . . . four-legged individuals who also need to learn to embrace strangers who become family. We do not always know how things will turn out as we follow what we believe is God’s leading, but He has promised that if we trust Him and look to Him, He will direct our paths (Proverbs 3:5 and 6). Bob told me before we were married that love would get us over the bumps in the road. He was right.

A Husband and a House Full of Cats (Paperback) | ebooksilo | 4.5