straight talk about dating if id only known the truth about

Straight Talk about Dating : If I’d Only Known the Truth about . . .

Written by a school counselor who talks with people about their relationship problems on a regular basis, Straight Talk About Dating communicates important information to young adults age 20 and up about a God-centered approach to dating that’s an alternative to the devastating approach to dating taught to us by the media and our popular […]

loving from a pure heart

Loving from a Pure Heart

Loving from a Pure Heart is a Christ-centered curriculum for those who struggle with the pain of dysfunctional relationships. It explores the faces of dysfunctional relationships, covering topics like distorted senses of reality, distorted senses of responsibility, control issues, chronic loneliness, and woundedness. It looks at roots of dysfunction, exploring topics like love hunger, addictions, […]

how to reach your full potential for god never settle for less than his best

How To Reach Your Full Potential for God : Never Settle for Less Than His Best!

“Things are never going to change” or “This is just the way I am–I’m never going to get better” are just a few of the damaging lies Christians believe about themselves, their situations, and their walk. But Dr. Stanley shares the real truth as God sees it. In this powerful and inspiring message, readers reconnect […]